NTA Degree Pre-Tests


The Degree pre-test was held on 30th September at MWBA in Aberdeen with 18 participants.  The pre-test began with fitness tests, followed by Patterns, Kicking and Power Test.  Candidates will take part in the next phase of the pre-test on 21st October for the Theory Test.  Thesis will be submitted the following week.




Pre-Test Examiners were: Master Wallace VIII & Mr Boydell V.


The Degree Pre-Test was held on Saturday 28th June 2014 at the MWBA with 15 participants ranging from 1st Kup to 3rd Degree.  We hope to see many of them get ready to test at the next Degree Grading in October or in March 2015.


Participants were taken through Patterns, Technical Kicking, Step Sparring, Free Sparring and Power Test.

Pre-Test Examiners were: Master Wallace VIII, Master McNairn VII, Master Campins VII & Mr Boydell V.



Degree Gradings