Degree Grading Results



This years NTA Degree Grading was held on Saturday 15th September at Boydell BBA in Laurencekirk.  Eight students from MWBA tested this year with the following promotions.

3rd Degree
Mr Rogan Rennie

1st Degree
Mr Peter Hepburn, Mr Craig Rennie, Mr Jared Ednie, Mr Darryl Cox, Mr Matthew Irvine,
Mr Adam Kain, Mr Callum Harvey




This grading was held on Saturday 4th November in Boydell Blackbelt Academies new facility (Mearns Fitness) in Laurencekirk.  The Grading Panel, Master Wallace 8th Degree, Mr Boydell 5th Degree, Mrs Wallace 4th Degree and Exam Facilitator Mrs Boydell 4th Degree watched with great interest as each candidate performed all of the required elements to the best of their ability. The standard was extremely high and each student should be congratulated on 100% effort on the mats.


Leading up to the grading day, each candidate completed fitness assessments, theory tests and submitted a written thesis for evaluation.  After a long and tiring day, the results and feedback were given to each anxiously waiting candidate. The audible delight from the supporters was incredible when the successful candidates entered the corridor from the Grading Hall making this such a memorable day for everyone.  Afterwards most of the Blackbelts headed off to have a well earned celebratory meal in Stonehaven.

We would like to congratulate -

Miss Amy Craig II
Miss Katie Humphries II
Mr Stephen Robertson II
Mr Ben Jamieson I

From BBA
Miss Katrina Carr III
Miss Jodie Boydell II
Miss Katie-Louise Davidson II
Mr Mark Alberts I
Mr Alex Cattanach I
Mr Fergus Alberts I
Mr Kyle Cattanach I

Mr Aidan Coull I
Miss Fiannaid Davidson I
Mr Owen Garden I
Mr Jack Shaw I
Miss Abbie Simmers I
From Master Dunbar, Inverness (Previously BBA)

Mr Rowan Nilssen I 


Congratulations to Mr Neil Grant (BBA) who promoted to 1st Degree today at the NTA Degree Grading. Great effort today.  Well done also to those pre-testing for 1st and 2nd Degree and a big thank you to all Blackbelts who came along to show their support.


Congratulations to Mrs Jacqui Wallace (MWBA) & Mrs Ngaire Boydell (BBA) who promoted to 4th Degree on Saturday 6th May under the watchful eyes of Master Wallace, Master Hutton and Master McNairn.

The grading consisted of a Fitness test and Thesis submission prior to acceptance.  This was followed by a Theory Test and Physical Exam consisting of 9 Degree patterns, technical kicking, one-step sparring, model sparring, free sparring, ho-shin sul & long weapon defence and power test (stationary kick, jumping kick & hand technique).  Both candidates are full-time instructors within NTA and have been training for over 20 years.

Many thanks to the grading examiners for giving up their time and to our 2nd degrees who came along to support their instructors.




The second degree test of 2016 was held on 26TH NOVEMBER.  We are delighted to announce that the following students have now promoted to 1st Degree following the exam: Mawcett Fawcett, Campbell Oag (MWBA), Phillip Mowatt, Joseph Mowatt, Owen Glennie, Ethan Boydell (BBA), Calum Wight (MBA). 

Pictured below are Maxwell and Campbell with Master Wallace, Mrs Wallace and the MWBA Blackbelts who were present at the grading to support the candidates.



Congratulations to Mr Dean Robertson and Mr Rafael Chavarria on successfully promoting to 1st Degree following the NTA Blackbelt Exam held on Saturday 14th May.  Both have trained extremely hard over the years and put on a great performance on the day.  Well done!!



Congratulations to:   Mrs Catriona Steele, Mr Rico Campins, Mr James Craik and Miss Erin Logan on successfully promoting to 1st Degree following the NTA Blackbelt Grading on Saturday 24th January.


NTA Degree Grading

Following the Annual NTA Degree Grading which was held on Saturday 4th Octoberat the MWBA, Aberdeen, we are delighted to announce that the MWBA has 6 new 1st Degree Blackbelts - Miss Dannielle Gallacher, Miss Gemma Clark, Mr Gordon Baxter, Mr Roy Maclean, Mr Mike Simpson and Mr Brian Storie.  Many congratulations to them all and to all who promoted on the day. 


Master Gordon Wallace 8th Degree
Master David McNairn 7th Degree
Master Jamie Campins 7th Degree

Following the 92nd IIC held Saturday the 24th of May in Dublin, we are delighted to announce that Master Wallace successfully promoted to 8th Degree alongside fellow NTA Instructors Master David McNairn & Master Jamie Campins who promoted to 7th Degree.  More >

Senior Master Wallace VIII Deg (centre)
Master Jamie Campins VII Deg (left)
Master David McNairn VII Deg (right)

Pictured below are all the candidates who successfully promoted along with the ITF Technical Committee, Grand Master Lan, Grand Master Bos and Grand Master Marano.  Also pictured are Master O'Toole & Master Douglas from INTA.



NTA Degree Grading


Following the Annual NTA Degree Grading which was held on Saturday 9th November at the MWBA, Aberdeen, we are delighted to announce that the MWBA has 4 new 1st Degree Blackbelts - Miss Amy Craig, Miss Lauren Kiloh, Miss Elle Trinder and Miss Erin Fraser.   We also have 2 new 2nd Degrees - Mr Rogan Rennie and Mr Dylan Craig.  Many congratulations to them all and to all who promoted on the day.There were a total of 14 people testing this year and we are delighted to announce that they all passed as follows:

1st Degree
Amy Craig, Lauren Kiloh, Elle Trinder, Erin Fraser (MWBA)
Lewis Carnegie (Boydell BBA)
Isla Sutherland  (Aberdeenshire Blackbelt Club)
2nd Degree
Mr Rogan Rennie, Mr Dylan Craig (MWBA)
Mr Liam Bain, Mr Greg Spark (Boydell BBA)
Mrs Colette McEwan, Mr Stuart Hamilton (David McNairn BBA)
3rd Degree
Mrs Ngaire Boydell (Boydell BBA)
4th Degree
Mr Ronnie Dewhurst (Pro Edge Martial Arts)

NTA Grading Panel pictured above:
Master G Wallace VII Deg, Mr D MCNairn VI Deg, Mr J Campins VI Deg, Mr M Boydell V Deg
Grading Official - Mrs J Wallace III Deg, Guest Instructor from Pro Edge Martial Arts, Mr R Blair VI Deg



NTA Celebrates
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