Mrs J Wallace 4th Degree

Mrs Jacqui Wallace started training in Tae Kwon-Do in 1995 in Aberdeen, Scotland and gained her 4th Degree in 2017.  She teaches in all classes - Little Ninjas, Kickin Kids, Juniors and Seniors.  She is also the Grading Facilitator and KettlFit & KickFit Instructor.

Sabum Grading 2017
ITF Umpire Course
International Umpire Experience
2012 - Limerick, Ireland ITF World Cup 2012
Brighton, England
ITF World Championships 2015
Jesolo, Italy (IT ASSISTANT)
2013 - Benidorm, Spain ITF World Cup 2014
Montego Bay, Jamaica
ITF World Championships 2017
Dublin, Ireland (UMPIRE)
2016 - Dublin, Ireland ITF World Cup 2016
Budapest, Hungary
ITF World Championships 2019
Inzell, Bavaria, Germany
2019 - Cardiff, Wales
ITF World Cup 2018
Sydney, Australia
ITF Instructor Course
 2014 - Dublin, Ireland European Championships 2015
Motherwell, Scotland
Open Dutch 2014
Eindhoven, Netherlands
2015  - Aberdeen, Scotland
             (100th IIC)
European Championships 2018
Maribor, Slovenia
Open Dutch 2016
Eindhoven, Netherlands
 2017 - Manchester, England European Championsips 2019
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Open Dutch 2017
Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Open Dutch 2019
Helmond, Netherlands
ITF Kids Course
2017 - Newcastle, England

UMPIRE - European Championships (Glasgow 2016)
Jury President (Master Wagner)
IT Assistant at World Championships 2015 - Italy
Pictured with Master Vones, Mr Wilke and all IT Assistants
IIC Ireland 2014 

UMPIRE - World Cup (Jamaica 2014)
Umpire Course - Limerick 2012
(with GM Bos and Master Wallace)
London Kettlebell Instructor Course   European Championships 2010
National Team - Ladies Team Pattern 
Umpire at World Cup 2012 - Brighton  Dutch Open 2016

Seminar with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX

Teaching Ninjas




Grading History

1st Deg - September 2002
2nd Deg - September 2004
3rd Deg - November 2011
4th Deg - May 2017

Seminar History

1995 - Seminar 
with General Choi Hong Hi 9th Deg

2009 - Seminar & Audience 
with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha 9th Deg

National Team Selection

Scotland - Snr Ladies Team Pattern
ITF European Championships

April/May 2010 (Skovde, Sweden)



ITF Scotland Board Position

2010-2012 - TREASURER

Training Courses

Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
London, Ontario, Canada
October 2002

London Kettlebells Instructor Level 1
Arbroath, Scotland
July 2010
(with UK's leading Russian Kettlebells Instructor , Steve Aish)