Mrs J Wallace 4th Degree

Mrs Jacqui Wallace started training in Tae Kwon-Do in 1995 in Aberdeen, Scotland and gained her 4th Degree in 2017.  She teaches in all classes - Little Ninjas, Kickin Kids, Juniors and Seniors.  She is also the Grading Facilitator and KettlFit & KickFit Instructor.

Sabum Grading 2017
ITF Instructor/Umpire Course History
International Umpire Experience
ITF International Umpire Course 2012
Limerick, Ireland
ITF World Cup 2012
Brighton, England (UMPIRE)
ITF International Umpire Course 2013
Benidorm, Spain
Dutch Open 2014
Eindhoven, Netherlands (UMPIRE)
ITF International Instructors Course 2014
Dublin, Ireland
ITF World Cup 2014
Montego Bay, Jamaica (UMPIRE)
100th International Instructor Course 2015
Aberdeen, Scotland
ITF World Championships 2015
Jesolo, Italy (IT ASSISTANT)
ITF International Umpire Course 2016
Dublin, Ireland
ITF European Championships 2015
Motherwell, Scotland (UMPIRE)
ITF International Instructor Course 2017
Manchester, England
Dutch Open 2016
Eindhoven, Netherlands (UMPIRE)
  ITF World Cup 2016
Budapest, Hungary (UMPIRE)
ITF Kids Course Dutch Open 2017
Eindhoven, Netherlands (UMPIRE)
May 2017
Newcastle, England
ITF World Championships
Dublin, Ireland (UMPIRE)

UMPIRE - European Championships (Glasgow 2016)
Jury President (Master Wagner)
IT Assistant at World Championships 2015 - Italy
Pictured with Master Vones, Mr Wilke and all IT Assistants
IIC Ireland 2014 

UMPIRE - World Cup (Jamaica 2014)
Umpire Course - Limerick 2012
(with GM Bos and Master Wallace)
London Kettlebell Instructor Course   European Championships 2010
National Team - Ladies Team Pattern 
Umpire at World Cup 2012 - Brighton  Dutch Open 2016

Seminar with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX

Teaching Ninjas




Grading History

1st Deg - September 2002
2nd Deg - September 2004
3rd Deg - November 2011
4th Deg - May 2017

Seminar History

1995 - Seminar 
with General Choi Hong Hi 9th Deg

2009 - Seminar & Audience 
with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha 9th Deg

National Team Selection

Scotland - Snr Ladies Team Pattern
ITF European Championships

April/May 2010 (Skovde, Sweden)



ITF Scotland Board Position

2010-2012 - TREASURER

Training Courses

Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
London, Ontario, Canada
October 2002

London Kettlebells Instructor Level 1
Arbroath, Scotland
July 2010
(with UK's leading Russian Kettlebells Instructor , Steve Aish)