Master Wallace 8th Degree

Master Wallace started training in Tae Kwon-Do in 1977 in Elgin, Scotland.  He promoted to 8th Degree Master in 2014 in Dublin.  He was one of the founder members of the United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Federation (UKTF) where he was on the Board of Directors from 1993-2007.  He served on the ITF Scotland Board of Directors from 2010 as Treasurer, Secretary General, and also as 3rd Vice President. 

During his own competitive career, he achieved a large number of National and European medals along with a World Championship Gold Medal in 1984 for Power Test.  Following this, he was the UK Assistant Coach for 3 years and the Scottish National Coach for 4 years and in that time, travelled to many European and World Championships.  He was also the ITF Scotland Pattern Coach for many years. 

He then moved on to become an International Umpire and travelled regularly to umpire at World and European Championships.  In 2015, he became a member of the ITF Umpire Committee working at the ITF World Championships and World Cups.

Master Wallace pictured left with ITF Tournament and Umpire Committees (Spain 2018)


He has regularly attended courses with the ITF Technical Committee and trained under General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002), Grand Master Tran, Grand Master Trajtenberg, Grand Master Morano, and Grand Master Bos.


1984 World Champion

1983 British Championships  

" I started training in Tae Kwon-do on 1st March 1977 at the Elgin Community Centre.  My main motive for starting Tae Kwon-do was because all my friends from work were going.  As I had nothing else to do, I tagged along.  Tae Kwon-Do was something that I knew about, as I used to watch the classes at Elgin Community Centre when I was at school.   I would never have dreamed of pursuing such an activity.  It was not that I wasn't interested in physical activity I may add, but because I was shy and very conscious of what my peers would say should such a ridiculous notion ever enter my head.  In later months, as it would happen, after a few scenes of "Enter the Dragon", the lead peer decided it would be good to try this.  After work on the Thursday night, we tried our first lesson.  The rest is history...............................

There are many people who have helped, assisted, coached and inspired me throughout my career in Tae Kwon-Do, none more than Grand Master Bos 9th Deg who's enthusiasm and drive continue to inspire me .  I also feel that a huge amount of gratitude should be given to the certain individuals who took in this young shy individual, with no focus or sense of purpose in life and without whose perseverance and guidance, would be unlikely to have had the necessary inner strength and physical skills to achieve as much as he did.  To my instructors at Elgin from 1977-1980:
Mr James C. Scott                IV Degree (1947 - 1988)
Mr Greig Chessor                 III Degree
Mr David Benton                  IV Degree

and to the most important person, for whom his strict guidance, all of us in the UK are for ever in debt to:     
Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha
   IX Degree OCM Grand Master Rhee Ki Hawho brought Tae Kwon-Do to these shores in 1966.

Thank you."









Grading History

1st Degree - March 1980
2nd Degree - March 1984
3rd Degree - February 1986
4th Degree - March 1989
5th Degree - September 1992
6th Degree - August 2001
7th Degree - April 2007
8th Degree - May 2014